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Spaghetti knots

the cracks left lingering after creation

there are losers

for whom everything will go right

those who do not curse

who have not spilled a drink in their life

who cannot get sick

who will never know what it means

to watch a fat fly fall off the wall

only for it to cling back on indifferently

who will not go hungry for a day

or five

who have great sex

who will ask how you are doing

only to say

good i suppose

which you can’t really disagree with

because here you are among them

for a little while


the person that never has lost an airplane ticket


the person that has a great relationship with their parents


the person that the gods must pray to

in roaring infinite laughter

that is now smiling your way

all of it

all of them

for you

after they tell a joke at a barbecue

that made perfect sense

in its ceaseless originality and refreshing


and you snarl to nobody

with dribble on your chin

and bits of otherwise infallible beef

cooked by you-know-who

that they

will have everything

except for the failing friendship

of a loser like you

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