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an ocean sunk in the middle where you left a deep blue that one could slip maddeningly in love with plump there where no one knew how to swim in a condo with a door too small and a bed too empty on the fifteenth floor of a city that sees its shore receding daily … Continue reading


what full flowers you planted in my pupils   but i could not see   what solacing songs you echoed in my ears   but i could not hear   what longing love you holed in my heart   but i could not bleed   i was still plucking the flailed feathers from the bird … Continue reading


it is the silence i have been writing about the separation of twenty years during a life with another you cannot remember the spindle of sun caught in an apologetic curtain the yawn of a plant growing the sympathies of the cement for the sky who say all the same back the naked nights that … Continue reading

ha lo

where did the day drip to when i was once in so many strangers’ photos by accident laughing with the waves beside a family at the beach or as a grain in the dark distance against the embrace of two lovers or with you who wondered how many people thought of you when they saw … Continue reading

through though tough

do we have time to watch the birds we who were the sky   can we stop to swim in the ocean we who were the waters   is there enough skin to bask in the sun we who were the light   what are we now though we who were we until we needed to … Continue reading


if you stayed the streetlight would suck stars away as always night would pool in lakes the seasons would come talking of weather to people already complaining that it is not so and so compared to last year   if you stayed there would still be people at a cheap diner with years of marriage … Continue reading