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Spaghetti knots


if you stayed

the streetlight would suck stars away as always

night would pool in lakes

the seasons would come talking of weather

to people already complaining that it is not so and so

compared to last year


if you stayed

there would still be people at a cheap diner

with years of marriage in between them

who would say nothing to one another

for what could be said

after all was

only to find out

it wasn’t that interesting

after all


if you stayed

tea would still seep over grade eight art projects

fathers would help with bones baring

worries of what will there be to show for

and mothers would be in the other room

drinking coffee


if you stayed

i would still miss you daily


if you stayed

blue would be blue

yellow yellow

and men would fall for pink


if you stayed

i’d see amazing things

that would leave me speechless

wondering if words were enough

though i’d scribble on


if you stayed

there would’ve been fights

about trivial things

like why there are fights

about trivial things


if you stayed

i would convince myself

when wondering how far is a light year

or if there were dogs who would live

longer than me

that i did not love you


if you stayed

we would die

with death still written in smudges

and i would be both enough and not

total and incomplete

trying to write neater

on cheques i owned to banks i didn’t


if you stayed

the door would’ve looked a little less closed

to anyone else who would come in after

those complaining floor boards would

continue creaking familiar footprints

worn from years of you

and the clothes would colour our care

in quick love etched out as monuments to us

and all we would build together


if you stayed

there would be friends commenting

on how long even our bad

farewells were


if you stayed

i would dream of

what it would be like

to be here


if you stayed

oceans might’ve separated us

despite us being us

the sea

the sky

the sun


if you stayed

i would not have to

repeat it as much

and the results

would’ve been

the same

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I am searching for something in between the letters. Follow my wordpress or my IG (@_kenkan)


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