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Spaghetti knots

650 bce

no one knew the exact years

she died

nor could anyone pin when she was born


you must understand

that i did not believe it either

when with dried onions for earrings

and a black and white vertically stripped summer dress

there she was still

not still


the poet

the undead

reading with a beer in hand

at an open mic

in a nearly empty bar

where the morning was late

and the few shadows that survived from the week

were yawning their eyes

into the sewage of elbows


she didn’t notice me

or much of anything

as she began with breath

that painted the hills

outside the waste and bodies

with colours that have been

forgotten by evolution

of then to then


she started by saying

in a matter of speaking

i am dead


she asked

to a room of

belches and bellies

is your love large enough

for what has come

is it larger yet

for what is coming


she said

half my life is already over

but at your age

i was acting memorably


the onions turned to radish in the lazy light

the black and white dressed switched horizontal

she swayed between the arc of light

in between age old hate

ancient mesopotamia


saturday morning cartoons


i know you’re out there

she read off an ipad banged up

in the right corner

you who are not your thoughts

you who are not your body

you who i think i feel i wish to touch

are not you any longer

though you remain short


how did the words

i never write

spell your name


how did the words

i did



nothing came

except my expectation

that she would have been better

after some millions of days

but she muffled to the mic

that she was still working on that piece

with the ceiling

where at the moment

it had the upper hand


this is called

this calling


a cough a lung a life


to those who never knew me

i am sorry

i never took the chance

to know you


a single applause

which made her smile

pure alabaster and a summer when you

were ten and life made sense


thank you thank you

i am still nervous after

all these years


the light indistinguishable music slipped into a smattering

of a new punk rock band

whose name and song

would be forgotten by next year

when another nearly identical one

would roll through


sappho continued

as a lesbian poet


show us your girlfriend’s tits


i appreciate you listening to me

in times that hardly seem like it

where even here

where there is no here

you are history


someone hiccupped


my last for the night boys


someone snored


you have been the greatest

of great


someone farted



i have written it all

where the night stretches to not enough

and the sky sits on stars overwhelmed by sight



i have written it all

where the finest lines read slanted

and those uncomposed remain clear



i have written it all

where even then you leave me

and i begin to do the same with me too



i have written it all

where i reach an abrupt ending

and a tomorrow



i will write again


an awkward pause tapered above

her bangs

the onion earrings dipped to her cheeks

the punk band tapered to a close


i walked to her while she crammed the ipad

into an equally battered laptop case


she jumped


sorry you startled me


sorry didn’t mean to

it’s just i


i know


you do


yeah i thought i knew you too



from where


oh you look like

the back of this one book

i read when i was in college


oh which one


not a very good one

can’t remember the author


ah that’s okay






i didn’t get your name by the way



it is kacper


serena pleasure


thought it might’ve been something different though




i don’t know


oh okay

but it is serena


ya no i get it i get it






uhm ok


good poetry by the way


you think so

i thought

it seemed too conversational though

no one would ever read it


i would


that’s kind


no i mean it


okay cool

but look i have to go


oh ya


ya sorry


okay but maybe can i get your number


uhm sure ya

have a pen and paper




cool let me right it down




so are you like an artist or something


no not at all


me either really





well here it is




no problem

see you around kacper


see you serena


the ipad winced away

the dress split into distant improbable electrons

the drunks remained


i looked at a paper

slipping with what

i could not read

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