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Spaghetti knots

here now together

it has all been about

the unsaid sayings

like how the cat is shitting poetry

how a dry hand trails the tail

or how you are meowing another’s name


how no one listens to

the last words of a sunset when a war roars on

how an opiate holds onto the scraps of a bed among

glass and cement

how the reflection of a lion is an enemy


how there are no presidents who are truly woman

how we are all too manly

how admitting this is manly enough to make us all

part of that whole woman again


how things in three don’t always read better

how reading things over twice is required when they are worse


how it was the first massacred mistake like a fart

or unlike it

the constipation of years whispering the questions

does a hung phone echo a name

does a phone around a neck

have a name

is wireless a solution when the wires above

are too in and en and un titled


how i am a romantic in due time

usually when you leave


how there is a flat line where the living have a little life yet


how smoking shortens expectancy with the fires of invention

how invention necessitates smoking

how the trees still grow in lungs lost in the fires

from whenever it was the city burnt down


how you drip dancing

how the walls sway with you

how we swing with saturn

and that original big little beat here


how you could’ve gotten away with it

if it wasn’t for me

how you almost did

if it wasn’t for me

how it wasn’t me


how you looked at me in what i did not know

was the last time

an orphaned geese looking for the horizon

to find their way back to the warmth of home


how you didn’t look at me one more time

which was such a you thing to do


how i did not either


how it wasn’t about anything


just a morning in june jumping on a sunbeam

with a strong coffee and a kiss

where a small voice commands the future into submission

of where do you want to go


where can we go

where can’t we

About kacperniburski

I am searching for something in between the letters. Follow my wordpress or my IG (@_kenkan)


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