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wrapped in your arms, why can’t i feel you? maybe because it was in the sweat of summer when i first saw ice. it stood solid on a table, indifferent, cooling a fish that was long passed the hope of water. the air was thick with smoke, with the thoughts of how it will always … Continue reading

colour dye

what is this useless bleeding? love is my wound, so it can’t be so bad right. you said this was wrong, that i promised never to write the break up poem, that this must be composed and decomposed in broken parts, that it is written in a language i don’t know how to speak yet, … Continue reading


how can it be morning when tonight is yet to be written? you’re there where the space of last night grows soft and still drifts. the waves whispered that i should do this, i can do this, i have not done this like the many things, will i pet that dog, need i pet a … Continue reading


tell me about you. i have made a lot of mistakes but i am still perfect. i work a little, am paid a little less, i am worth millions. not dollars, memories, moments where you tell someone else they are not that other person, where there is enough drink and no hangover. where there is … Continue reading


take me to that great date spot, that place that is warm and probably expensive and that no one knows quite yet, including you, that area inside where those childhood memories of sitting sunlight and strawberry winters stay, where there is the punchline of a joke you memorized to tell to the right people, where … Continue reading

salv oj

is it the sad water of yesterday or the lack of it in today’s hydration that has me hung over the curl of a question mark in reverse, telling myself i’ll go on because i must, because i have been doing it this well this whole time. but i pause. what does it mean to … Continue reading

the ingredient to life

i dreamed you alive, eating, slobbering and sitting there having albert einstein write a poem about your smarts. he started shaky, erased. nearly left. his hair fell on the table. he asked what of your lover? i laughed, your mouth was wide open too. he shook his head, knowing we didn’t understand. listen listen, he … Continue reading


i have thought of that dead writer one last time. i spoke to her softly, told her that her book has been read once more. not often or quickly. but during a summer long ago on a beach. the sun was right. the water was warm. and some of the parts were good even if … Continue reading


bali blew. a small explosion. locals said it was a thousand years in the making. you are only 26 and the sky is coloured dead. the moon is hidden. a mute gray enters my mouth. what am i to say now? you are watching the heart of the earth, listening to it tell an old … Continue reading

an old model of a lock

you told me to knock so i do. not too hard. you sleep light. few breathes have been known to flutter into being from your dreams. i remember when you told me one. the one of the good life. where you would be undressed save for mismatching socks. and there would be the food that … Continue reading