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Miscellaneous mistakes

webbed fingers

to feel your weight, to kiss you in every lovely place, to watch your gentle grace, to listen to you saying i compliment you too much, to compliment your voice as you say, to sit in silence, relaxed, stretched as sunlight, as flowers flowing, as straight when morning cuts in golden and generous mumbling, please, baby, don’t go yet for i want to see you too long and warm and wet with me, with all i have touched, with the unyielding hope i will give when i give all of me, which i do now into night, wanting all of you, where my shadows have been worn from practicing stripping your figure and now fall into the every everything, producing heat without it, producing the cold too for here we are – in our own space, rattling the planets, watching them shake into our small handheld universe dripping and banging a tiny, daily life that is endless as the streets we walk with, as the seasons, as all allegory and analogy.

look how we like we. look how we remain unlike we when there is still much more to be written, to grasp, to feel weightlessly.

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I am searching for something in between the letters. Follow my wordpress or my IG (@_kenkan)


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