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seeking what was sought

time is kicking through the neighbourhood that felt timeless in hiding spots where a house is constructed now with stranger corners that you can’t go into because you heard that the new people there don’t like meeting others and mrs guller who lived on the lot before might still haunt the place   not that … Continue reading


look i can’t stop now because i have things to do and to start later on so that one day i can have kids and they’ll say dad tell me a story about all those things you do and i’ll read them this poem proud and mighty about the wrangled product after working and working just … Continue reading


big blind i fold wrinkles won * numbness in growth leads me to not feeling and not being sharp enough to figure out the solution to the cycle that tightens like a noose till numbness * take in the air and find that winter smells like burning and summer is cool nights where we can … Continue reading


if only things could be different you say while doing the same things like waiting for a simile that makes everything make sense to you again like when you were eighty seven and knew only death in each breath and smile like when you were sixty seven with grandchildren at your feet and telling them … Continue reading