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do it before it does

if you are going to fail anyways why not try wildly if sadness seeks why not humble happiness if you’re going to die why not live before * chance is a promiscuous girl already married to a man who you’d meet one day unknowingly in the beauty of summer in an event you find out … Continue reading

dance dance dance dance

when you are alone know it could be worse for you could be a lone the suffocating space in between not knowing you could compound something together like the sun’s outstretched fingers tickling the land for one last laugh that will consume the sky with a day never yet seen not because of history rambling … Continue reading


the gods are alone up there and to become a god you must become alone where others pray to be in your company and the burning suns you don’t notice for you are doing what you need to do what others don’t understand and what is what when there is only you and what you … Continue reading

stuff to do yesterday

i was blind as a child when i put on glasses and saw that i didn’t look as i thought which was like trying to spell out a hum as cold as the night and warm as the ground that would be there as a blanket when i could see no more but still go … Continue reading


A blue sky Is beautiful Even with a Lonesome, Starved cloud Biting into it. * They found life on another planet, It might one day be said, And the first question That will need to be answered Is whether that life Is as lonely as us, Beings who are Searching for Someone else, Something else … Continue reading