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Spaghetti knots

stuff to do yesterday

i was blind

as a child

when i put on

glasses and saw

that i didn’t look

as i thought

which was like trying

to spell out a hum

as cold as the night

and warm as the ground

that would be there

as a blanket

when i could see no more

but still go on

in hmm hmmmh


the seeing sounds

where eyes flap

away to make noise

and watch as

the boy

becomes a man

by leaving echoes

of trails to do

it better next time

if he could only

listen and flap less



you have to know

i am not doing well


the mind meets me

in poor patches

of hope and

remembering that

hope is not enough

of a well to drink from


i got

stuff to do

like yesterday

and last week

but i was out

defeating loneliness

with paper bags

for boxing gloves

caused by the messiness

of others

that is slipping and pissing

in myself

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