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sunny with rain inside

we are here to produce babies of art that make us hear ourselves in our work * the worst thing that humans have made are more humans who do worse things * i keep producing poems for you keep poetry productive * against the backdrop of infinity sometimes i don’t know is the best we … Continue reading


the following are snipped pets. they should be fixed, but i’m an amateurinarian. * never say nothing because nothing is never said * the axe and the woods are different yet are one and the same and the line between the two cuts * everything is a test of how much you want everything * … Continue reading

are not are

the following are what they aren’t more often than what they are. * life is a series of concessions that change serially * a day is made up of what we make out of the day * only happiness can show sadness only peace can augment anger only love can break up love and only … Continue reading

affront of faces

the following is the following of people who should be looking to lead themselves, or at the least, look behind. the view is beautiful. * you’re an hour late an hour lost an hour spent looking for someone else who finds me worth the while * life is spent in banal platitudes that rarely say … Continue reading