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ko, ok

do not suffocate full of wonder with what you are   breathe in knowing you are wonderful * silence does not exist listen to you now   how loud how full how totally unable to be quieted by existence you are * i want my life back but i don’t want to face what it’ll … Continue reading


there must be kindness before there is death though often it is only found in the dying after of people remembering one of their own kind * what will come has not yet become so do not go before it’s gone * i suppose i am gifted to know your loving for i can see … Continue reading

a little a

i am afraid you will see me unafraid of you * i fear you fear fearless me * if only you saw me as i see me you’d see how i wish to remain unseen * beautiful things like the mona lisa are cracked and wearing like you * i am horrified by the possibility … Continue reading

sinking thinking thoughts

the following are some thoughts to think thoughtfully while sinking in you. * how lovely would the world be if it hadn’t heard of love * the only proof of life on other planets is our own * what would it take to take it all in besides taking ourselves out from it all to … Continue reading