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a helicopter pilot, for example

it is said that i am half a whole but also a whole half which leaves me wondering why i am filled with hopes and dreams of what i am not having * as you grow you learn that drinking is bad for you because it eats away at you and your comprehension of bad … Continue reading

kneel arms weak

you are the moon against the night not quite seen and never understood until i land in the reflection as a small feat of human ingenuity and careless poems that look for softness in the empty spots and after finding them reading some of lines i’ve bounced around to and listening to you bounce back i realize … Continue reading

the drool of rabies

dog eared books have a bite bigger than their bark if you give them your voice your teeth your tongue * if you were to annotate this you’d find that i included you in the whole when there wasn’t when and where you find me here consuming sky and sitting in freeze-dried stalagmites of concrete … Continue reading

My masterpiece

I’m at the Venus de Milo though I could be anywhere with eyes fixed to the girls around who make a good name for design and creation and who see me seeing them so maybe later after we talk about art and I finangle fact after fact and I tell them about the smooth back … Continue reading

Nothingness and what’s left

I am convinced that there is nothing in this world like love, except for when love is torn away, ends, is no more, and will be no more for there is nothing in this world like love. * To watch the news is to learn what it is to feel old and helpless. * I … Continue reading


The problem with woman is that they take you away from art and the problem with art is that it takes you away from woman and the problem with both is that if done right, they are objects that feed each other like a snake biting its own tail because it’s addicted to the hallucination … Continue reading

Directing the artist

The following is following the followers. I should add I do not agree with it anymore, which is also the followed. * Daily Dose: Woody Allen’s art, not his life, deserve praise Published in The Silhouette, January 15, 2015 Though I’m not a fan of his work or the messy celebrity circle jerk that goes on … Continue reading

The universe on a snowflake

The following is neither art nor science. It is an opinion’s piece, an euphemism for custodial business on weekends. It is also inspired by Feyman’s “On Beauty” interview.  * Fitting the universe on a snowflake September 14 2012, Published in the Silhouette I’m sorry. It might be bad to begin with an apology, and it … Continue reading