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a lie

if you have reached the end hanging know that there is no answers in life and worse that death is no answer to reach like a baby to the sky * after all i have had i have only learned that life is senseless because it is incensed with death that often makes a lot … Continue reading

this is the best i have and it could be better

first time holding a baby it cries and i feel like crying too but i do not for i am no baby and soon it stops and grows out of the habit like i did * they say there’s star dust in us spread from an explosion over time and space which makes sense for … Continue reading

whisky sour

i held the baby in my hands life breathing life but it was slippery or i was both of us nervous to meet meat it slipping onto the floor not wanting to be picked up like thanksgiving turkey i am hungry where’s the knife i am starving where’s the fork i have never eaten a … Continue reading