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Spaghetti knots

whisky sour

i held the baby

in my hands


breathing life

but it was slippery

or i was

both of us nervous to meet meat

it slipping

onto the floor

not wanting to be picked up

like thanksgiving turkey

i am hungry

where’s the knife

i am starving

where’s the fork

i have never eaten a meal like this

where’s the me before these

thoughts of cannibals eating cannibals

and when i saw

for the first time

like a baby




dark splotches

cheetah stalking

with strangers in unison

part of some bigger whole

with some good beers

like holding hands

on a first date

or the


where there will be

the next



where it repeats again

antelope grazing now

with a feast smaller

and hours that go only to go


i only buy used notebooks

worn and ruined by

notes that mean nothing

to me and maybe little to them

when they wrote doctor or

fading or lemon squeeze

and the phone numbers

which often go dead

before being being

which can be broken

if you just write

your number here

where it is

worn and ruined

from other’s use

people you can tell me

in time when there are

doctors and fading and lemon squeezes

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2 thoughts on “whisky sour

  1. Interesting read

    Posted by Chris Nicholas | December 2, 2015, 12:25 am

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