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you will want to mention the joke to the barmaids at the counter where people you grew up with have slobbered onto the worn wood made from trees nearby when the forest was cut down and the school was moved and the joke was first said on a day very much like today with the … Continue reading

the last lighthouse

what went wrong when there was so much right before he says smoking haze blocking his eyes tumbling in his lungs lips lit red like a stop light until the night goes on door flapping open making wind and wishes of summer him drinking green liquid because it’s the cheapest thing at the bar where people … Continue reading

whisky sour

i held the baby in my hands life breathing life but it was slippery or i was both of us nervous to meet meat it slipping onto the floor not wanting to be picked up like thanksgiving turkey i am hungry where’s the knife i am starving where’s the fork i have never eaten a … Continue reading

let’s play defuse the bomb

there is always construction in front of the bar i go to to depress into the what is is what makes me order a drink close to paint thinner for i have gotten fat on other beverages and myself a giant guessing what’s next though the tv offers some clues of the apocalypse with child … Continue reading

lots of 23

i’m lots of 23 hugging a wall or just laying down splayed like a bird squashed or a fish gutted from the gestation of girls that bounce with a night you could hear if you were listening and around with me moving and putting poetry into the motion of bodies that bind all that can be bound … Continue reading