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Dear dear, I want to tell you of the summer where I went crazy. It was hot and I was wet with wilderness the way the ocean is when it combs rock into the soft cooing of a beach and he hadn’t quite killed himself yet. My dad would tell me that we do not … Continue reading

sand dwellers

you must understand that it is not you which i know is difficult for you but rather it is i who knows it is i who is at fault here for all this misunderstanding now between us which i’m sure you didn’t realize which is part of the problem which i want to stress that … Continue reading


the following try is not very good, though it is very good to try to follow. * to those who say things must be like all other things to those who wish to be like those too to those who think that globalization is meant to narrow know that the world has always been global … Continue reading

the year without days

it was the year without days and it only took a few seconds where you were on the Chilean sands where she always wanted to go because there’s the mountains and the ocean and the two of you in between the blue and blue and her bluest of all despite being here finally here with … Continue reading


i am looking back at my life like a bather on a beach hopping from sand spot to sand spot to avoid the heat and the pain of staying around for too long even if i’ll get used to it because there is water ahead cool water that waves back to me and my bouncing … Continue reading