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Spaghetti knots


the following try is not very good, though it is very good to try to follow.


to those who say

things must be like all

other things

to those who wish

to be like those too

to those who think that globalization

is meant to narrow

know that the world has always been global

that they are only them in how

they love their ghosts

that something is nothing

in the eventual victory that belongs to the future

like a broken branch in a stream

where the birds will perch

for fish

that know too

that even in the most homogenous of masses

not all the particles point the same way

to those before

though those that don’t

often see early flight


can’t i write without being compared

to the greeks who said it all already

like that i’d be nothing to them

and without them

who wrote the world into existence

and finished all the books after all the poetry

and some football games too

where i am watching the olympics and listening to rock music

as the parthenon crumbles into distant echoes

and memories of reading that used to be

aloud and carefully weighed

to impress others with works that contained

all there was

save for the great stuff

which is probably just me here

writing in and on and about


on this sunny greek beach

with blue roofs shadowing the day

that they will harbor bluer clouds

though it is not today

and if the gods are good

with all they know

not tomorrow either

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