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still birth

there is a space between where i wish to be where i was where i will be and where i wander currently and without the current   every moment i am adjusting to the idea that this emptiness between those dots is not horrifying but the very point of them and that the still waters … Continue reading

a whole clock

i cannot understand why one would be bored if they are looking for life each day is another beginning and if they are hoping for death each morning brings them closer to the loving hug of dark * isolation is paradise for with it you are away from people who are the worst and you … Continue reading

heavier than light

all are born bereaved stolen from what they know to what they don’t and still can’t because they have a job and an apartment to clean and friends to keep who don’t seem so worried with what was lost in their laughter and love and birthing that brings about the same bits of you in … Continue reading


snow like lives lost looking for a soft place to land finding disaster a four car pile up blood whiteness ruined by those who can realize it while they realize less and see that all roads lead to an end and the sky above ends too * he’s throwing up because he’s grown up too … Continue reading

A pound of flesh

A reborn story. I wanted it to be up here by itself, rather than submerge it within another. Give it its own legs to walk on, so to speak. * She had just given birth and he released he didn’t love her. He shifted his stance from one foot to another, dancing in spot to … Continue reading