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stretch marks like a lazy river across your smile while inside your mouth there is darkness always * but you feel that no one feels that like you feel until you find a little book with all your words full and bleeding wet yet still burning with fire * i am the grand son of … Continue reading

wherever the will will go

Friend, Letters are the most important thing I got. I know because I winced at the starving thing, rewrote it as stuff, and replaced it back with thing like a veteran army marching to war after being beaten with steps that will surely be beaten again. Then I came back to this to tell you … Continue reading


Hey blog. Hi. Are you busy? No. I brought you a present. Here. What’s this for? Your birthday. When was that? Look – I get it. I’m sorry. Me too. No, really. I’m sorry. I missed your birthday. I didn’t wish you on the 21st of April. I’m late. There’s no excuse… But? But… ya. … Continue reading