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cr(eat)e without

the heart is cold but still you warm up to the idea that it refuses to be still no matter how much or how little you do * don’t you want not don’t to stay suspended in this without knowing the ending which i can tell you will lead to less you and more i … Continue reading

How to become a BETTER writer!!!

Oh man! Writing is fuuuuuuun. Deep too. Here’s some tips (haha, get it????!?!?!) on how to do it (hahahaha, get it again) BETTER! 1. Avoid not having fun, silly. 2. Use some nice words nicely. 3. Watch as all you have done, all you have made becomes undone and unmade by a heartbreak you didn’t … Continue reading

could’ve been could

we said goodbye for good and i realized in the double meaning that this shows how we were meant to be together because we were tied again like in the beginning with silence and unknowing until we became two beings trying not to cry understanding no better and failing failing failing so well * i … Continue reading

hand me a paw

the dog whining in its sleep because it dreams of being a human wanting to control another dog watching the hairy tuff roll over belly exposed for a treat to enter that same belly where the wolf happens good boy good dog sit yes sit rest now like an animal   the dog wakes up … Continue reading

this generation is such a pest

the cicadas come after nineteen years of silence oozing in the dirt to the sun and sky to yell at the top of their wings that they have been finally given a voice that they will not waste for they must mate and mourn then die after two weeks and after planting the next nineteen … Continue reading

sea gall

we have lost the language of the broken and been left only with poetry that breaks to give us back the words one line by one line by one line till with images of us dangling life lines in fluffy yellow slippers we’re lost again * choose being spirit don’t wait for soul * we … Continue reading

decapitate winter

the summer in her breath settles the city inside shade providing momentary coolness where i bungle my words against a wall of teeth like like like i like you but she’s gone addressing the harvest that will come from someone else not like me * poetry is me sitting here stuck wishing i was standing … Continue reading

broke end

all is not enough for all the universe yawns into excitement daily do the same make your you * one day i will look back nearly blind and without will and i will say how much i could see then * poetry is a thug that takes your money and leaves you broke * the … Continue reading


there is a poem written that will make it so no more poetry will be written   this is not it though it starving and short makes me want to stop writing * love give me a chance for chance gave us love in between all those people who we could’ve met we met we … Continue reading

a full house emptied

the following would make for bad bathroom engravings and good tombstone epitaphs. the cemetery is a shithole with few visitors and worse company. * advice: add vice * it is not my fault that you are without it though i still quake when you look to the earth and expect there to be more underneath … Continue reading