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democracy without me

I wrote this as an application to be an ambassador to the Canadian Government. I did not get selected obviously for reasons oblivious to the oblivion in me, and perhaps most importantly, in the government. * Government needs poetry. Against the anaesthetized procedures, the ready-made euphemisms, and the generality of governance, poetry saves. It questions. … Continue reading

Ease to east: an extra seat

To ease to east, you need cycle through the seasons, through reoccurring weather of sun and shine and rain and clouds, and through cloudy, dripping, sun-burnt you. The doubts. The insecurities. The why are you doing this? Why are you bicycling through to Halifax? Why ride? Most answers given for adventure border on the sniffling, … Continue reading

Hamilton, Ontario, Me

The land: a dalmatian of summer and shade soaked with green and imprints where giants used to step to carve out the land: bikers moan up the dried sea that’s turned to asphalt and neatly divided white lines with cars renewing the ancient roars that echo across the land: industry worn and inefficient punches of … Continue reading

17 years in hanely, saskatchewan

The dog moaned with bone and body in the wrong places and it was my job to set them right by taking my friend outside on a sun peached day where clothes wetted the wind and the land waved yellow and the dog winced as I brought it to the field where we had our many … Continue reading