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Ease to east

Ease to east: an extra seat

To ease to east, you need cycle through the seasons, through reoccurring weather of sun and shine and rain and clouds, and through cloudy, dripping, sun-burnt you. The doubts. The insecurities. The why are you doing this? Why are you bicycling through to Halifax? Why ride?

Most answers given for adventure border on the sniffling, snorting comments of good will and physical ability. Can turns to want which turns to will which turns into them – wobbling, wearing, and wonderful. Inertia seems an insult. Static is stultifying. So, because becomes be cause. There is a space, a breathless idea, a reason that brings out the unreasonable. They will go. They will travel. They will ride elsewhere.

My twin (Oskar Niburski) and I are no different. We will be pedalling to Halifax, Canada from Montreal, Canada for a 20 day journey. It is 1500+ km. And though we’ll be overburdened by weight of uncooked beans and camping equipment, we want to take you along with us. In fact, we need you to come.

Without you, we are just two huffing bodies. We are weak. We are isolated. With you, however, we are able to see more, to have the shadow of others shade us from the sun above. The cycle that is necessary and the circle it entails enlarges if there are more arms around, and in, it. One finds out how warm the hold can be. How much more whole.

We know this inherent need for belonging firsthand: my twin and I came into this world as soon as imaginable. We were three months premature – hairballs with stubby fingers. Our lungs were sputtering whoopee cushions. Our brains were mash potatoes. But we cried and my parents cried and others cried too because we probably wouldn’t make it and they were sorry and don’t you know that sorry wasn’t enough. You have to try. We did. They did. And we want you to do the same with us as we spread across Canada like a yawn.

We are raising money for the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation, an organization that helps to assist those who jump before the bungee cord is attached. They do great work, have fantastic transparency, and are in need of the funds. They, too, need you.

While we are aware that such charitable asks usually bordering on groveling or breach some emotional level of vulnerability, know that we aren’t trying to do so. We are simply moving, shifting, hoping you will move and shift with us. For in some small handworn way, we are doing it for you and the you that could’ve been: small, handworn, too early like winter in fall.

Luckily, summer has come, we are preparing to ride, and you’ve made it here. Thank you. We are excited by the shade you can provide. It delights and enlightens us, our load, and the trip to Halifax where we ease to east.

Here is a link to our website, the donation page within the site itself, and our Instagram. Ride along.

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