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the ways of the vase

she tells me i am clay while padding my belly and that i should not try to mould myself to anything but me even if the couch slouches into my flab like a friend lamenting the same as her later fingers moved away now but imprinted still who says i am not dirt i am … Continue reading

Ourselves or the others

We have decided after much deliberation and discussion that you don’t deserve to die with dignity but in the wonderment of what could’ve been if you belonged elsewhere if you were content if your career fit if you were worth it if you weren’t if you woke up at five am every night because of … Continue reading

Watching a dead guy die

I spoke to a dead guy and he said I’ve been waiting for you for a while now and I said how did you know I’d be coming and I flipped the page and he said I didn’t but I hoped and then I watched him die a second time * When I was younger … Continue reading