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spirited living

you’re 24 with eyes closed to books you haven’t read songs you haven’t played canvases you haven’t touched friends you haven’t seen jokes you haven’t told waiting to turn 25 with whatever it is that happens when you no longer do * i am the ghost i was warned of when i was living happy … Continue reading


do not go back to those who backed into not who go to done who have gone to those who leave you asking who you were with * find those who need not to be found and who look at you with eyes weeping the possible horror of the loss of their independence that attracts … Continue reading

smaller than all

the following are starved ideas who know that hunger is knows no idealism * do no harm but do not avoid it * do no harm but harm no dos * again we begin again * i promise it is nothing   – something she said after everything * let’s be friends   – she … Continue reading

bee dance

to be judged upon a mistake is to determine the weather by a single cloud to determine disease by a baseless bacteria to fall in love with a glance though i’ll admit that i should’ve looked away then to avoid the awesome mistake of you weathering into another’s sick love * i don’t mean to … Continue reading


and then there he is in the middle of the sun that could’ve made for a beautiful day if he wasn’t in front of it and could’ve spread singly into a beautiful flower behind me if i weren’t there either, telling me as a gentleman would how he fucked my girlfriend in shaky, full arms … Continue reading

he r eh

i will never get used to being used by you and that favourite lie you said on your back looking up at me making me mull over whether i was the lost lonely cloud or you were that you weren’t lying * one day i will be all you wanted before you found those bits … Continue reading

burn the witch but keep the broom

i need to tell you i love you like i need not to but can nonetheless as the moon does to the sun sometimes during the day as a freckle against the blue waves that reach towards the sky and stars even in the smallest of cups * i am nothing without you for even … Continue reading

be longing be

electricity green where the nature doesn’t grow finds me holding onto my bag fearing the rowing above from buildings bending against the dried stream that recounts the now dead tree stumps still reaching for the next leaf and the original current of yellow that may bask between my legs in a smell of longing to … Continue reading

uh, lone

i know the loneliest sentence   that after all of it i no longer think about you though you gave me it after all of that   i know the loneliest sentence   where among the prison of others there is little to be barred from except the heads that match heartache to the hands … Continue reading

flesh, fickle helmet

white stains like skulls on the bedsheets she wakes up buried beside me a miracle of morning clambering for coffee that she could choke on if only today didn’t hold the confusion of why aren’t you up yet you have to get going no one can know about this   her butt bends light with … Continue reading