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Lola’s Legs

Dear dear, If I were to tell you about me, I suppose I’d have to start with today, how I am happy and full and total, how there are jokes still stumbling joyously like a first time drunk on their way home, how I believe that there is enough food in the world for there … Continue reading


how many dogs need to die to feed the cat with the fat pouring onto the dull street that forgets to reach this silver headless plate   when the sun sours atop the family pet then you must summon my name like a leash turned whip air beckoning the bow demanding the few breathes barked … Continue reading

neutering the pet after it is already postmenopausal

now that the light has broken i hope they see the sun sitting on the horizon of your eyes that they hold the tulips at your lips craving to kiss the sky that they see you as nothing less than the oceans once connected but growing still chipping away at the land never settling never … Continue reading


you will ask yourself where everything went wrong and i will answer that it is the moment where you began to ask instead of doing something else to make it right * the dog chases its own tail and i laugh how stupid it is not to know itself     later i limp a … Continue reading

hand me a paw

the dog whining in its sleep because it dreams of being a human wanting to control another dog watching the hairy tuff roll over belly exposed for a treat to enter that same belly where the wolf happens good boy good dog sit yes sit rest now like an animal   the dog wakes up … Continue reading

sweet (cavities)

get up why are you sleeping when you only wake with the arresting thought that you are tired of feeling like you are sleeping through a life that is getting you down * summer behind me like a dog on a leash pissing on the tree it sprouts breathing acid from a mouth and a … Continue reading

canine circle

i used to think poetry was a suicide where the author always reached the end of a line   but now i think it a rope connecting all to all where there is no end just movement across in a circle a knot sometimes around a neck but often times around a belt to keep … Continue reading

fetch boy

i have been trying to write more but writing more about writing more is writing less and trying too * days pass like dog’s piss no territory unfulfilled no yellow too cowardly despite the jumping and shedding into dust that will one day clog up a vacuum cleaner waste a grunt dirty a few fingers and … Continue reading

Mocha and me

The sun chokes on cloud and I am where I was when I was. Ten years ago was the last time. The first, I’m not sure. Ten years before that, I believe. Three to twenty-three. Not speaking to speaking to not speaking again. Baby talk throughout. Even here, now, at 50 Point Conservation area in … Continue reading

17 years in hanely, saskatchewan

The dog moaned with bone and body in the wrong places and it was my job to set them right by taking my friend outside on a sun peached day where clothes wetted the wind and the land waved yellow and the dog winced as I brought it to the field where we had our many … Continue reading