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Spaghetti knots


you will ask yourself

where everything went wrong

and i will answer

that it is the moment where

you began to ask

instead of doing something else

to make it right


the dog chases its own tail

and i laugh

how stupid it is not to know itself



later i limp a circle onto the end of the day

wondering what i can do next

for even the dog has stopped


and i asked god

why is he punishing me for my sins

and he said

the tools were worn by then

and i said

but you made two of me

and he said

learning how to forgive mistakes like this

would’ve lessened the punishment, certainly

and i said

okay, lord, what is the punishment

and he said

it is the fact that there is only one of you left

and i crumbled alone

for the first time since time

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I am searching for something in between the letters. Follow my wordpress or my IG (@_kenkan)


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