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b years

i am not drunk look it’s just that the flowers hold no colours for night leaving loneliness to bloom with those things left still unsaid since the time of creation where even then in closed eyed nothingness i missed you and couldn’t see you growing up into that beautiful woman who would ask more questions … Continue reading

be loved / beloved

there you are drinking because your father beat you because he didn’t because you are happy because you are not because you want to drink because you don’t and you’re thinking about the life that could have been if you had not been thinking about life so much if you had only been more if … Continue reading

sea gall

we have lost the language of the broken and been left only with poetry that breaks to give us back the words one line by one line by one line till with images of us dangling life lines in fluffy yellow slippers we’re lost again * choose being spirit don’t wait for soul * we … Continue reading