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sunk drunk

since ruin the apple of eden fermented and it has been known that paradise is often found in drink and women who often lead to drink and more women * political movements can often be described as the mess the mass the miss the moss * all fish float but remember the depths * remember … Continue reading

on point without points

got bones bragging about failed attempts cracking up about the spills that left me embarrassed to be me and embarrassed but the bones keep on saying i i i as though i’m supposed to hear it over the o o o and the people who watch and laugh that i’ve spilled my drink and will … Continue reading

the last lighthouse

what went wrong when there was so much right before he says smoking haze blocking his eyes tumbling in his lungs lips lit red like a stop light until the night goes on door flapping open making wind and wishes of summer him drinking green liquid because it’s the cheapest thing at the bar where people … Continue reading

clam chowder

the point of this existence is to realize there is no point and keep going until blunt * i have worked out a way to get through this thing and it is to work out a way to get through * i drink and i drunk and i drip i onto i with laughter solidified … Continue reading

immortal rituals

if only things could be different is said in the same way by different people in the same world using different languages but the same mouths * and he’s drunk feeling drunk drunk feelings that stay on until he is hungover and he feels again like the hung man who is released and he heaves … Continue reading

a night shift

you say that there’s something missing in my poems and i’ll admit it’s you which is why i write them so you can find yourself in me stifling, silenced carrying on without * i’ve never known a complete work just fragments of wills and whats and whys that remind not everyone can be great myself … Continue reading

the parade of dew

i am gone though i have only just arrived at the bar where people come to go to where i went without much thought besides for the hope of being led deeper into this like an anchor that doesn’t hit the bottom or a boat that does * why do we do when all that … Continue reading

tape of a laugh track

i’m warm and good and awake with warmness that makes me good to write about something bad and cold like when she left me to otherwise die but i didn’t and got to writing this eventually after she wrote me off *  unpolluted by my blood i’m finally seeing others in myself and having them … Continue reading

let’s play defuse the bomb

there is always construction in front of the bar i go to to depress into the what is is what makes me order a drink close to paint thinner for i have gotten fat on other beverages and myself a giant guessing what’s next though the tv offers some clues of the apocalypse with child … Continue reading

Goodbye skin

I was born out of alcohol and from it too and now I drink to my parents and the drinks they gave me that made me grow up only to drink something better than milk, unless the milk is combined with brandy – a slurry that is as spoiled as a boy who is nursed … Continue reading