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and you who wasn’t

it is the barbarian who weeps to the moon that it looks so lonely whereas the city crashed into the hills like a flame burning all around contents itself with choking the night into corners where sex can mix unseen for as long as the shadows have no story the light will always tell too … Continue reading

dab bad

the following is ruinous and rattles stars to look away and perhaps that dread is exactly the point of continuing. * the man dressed and with a cane found me in a forest and told me i needed to make something of myself for i was wasting potential there naked and homeless and i said … Continue reading

burn till black

read me poet like a poem where each line stops and starts the world where there is mess organized and a hurricane with a heart in the center of a place decentered where everything is still if only to catch your breath for the next line like a fish caught struggling fighting and hoping for … Continue reading


i tend to believe that i will get to experience the fruits of my labor one day but like a slave after emancipation there is work tomorrow to do or find that tenderizes me till i’m raw and branded and forget what it was i was supposed to experience or believe * i am a … Continue reading

frog stew

there’s development because there always has to be to convince us that we haven’t stopped and if we have we’ve stopped because we’re there where we need to be which means more development and construction and building in this small creek tearing up the soil cutting down trees that show little rings no bigger than … Continue reading