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sick summer

summer is sick throwing up on itself into fall where the city burns itself with the lights of buildings and night that look like stars against the loneliness and dark for like them the buildings are empty with no one around and there is only one me staring outward hoping for someone to notice me … Continue reading

three days and twenty-three years to resurrect

how do you resurrect a childhood when the man who killed it is still very much alive though he doesn’t feel all too well about this fact with waking again phone again eating again working again sleeping again then waking again again seeing what day it is with phone again again because it seems like yesterday is … Continue reading

raking the promise of summer

fruitflies sipping on old masturbation and fall foliage that leaves me spent and dry from this city that is sure to be dying with seed scattered in all the wrong places and whatever landing in nurtured nature being slurped away by sexless larva that get thrown into food to be cooked later on but not … Continue reading