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Spaghetti knots

three days and twenty-three years to resurrect

how do you

resurrect a childhood

when the man who killed it

is still very much alive

though he doesn’t feel

all too well about this fact

with waking again

phone again

eating again

working again

sleeping again

then waking again again

seeing what day it is

with phone again again

because it seems

like yesterday is

crusted in gunk of today

except for the weather

that was predicted wrongly

the day previous

or so the phone told

him again with crumbs

of chips sprinkled nearby

that could attract pigeons

if he ever opened

the window

though doing so

would interrupt his sleep

for the birds are too loud

with spring and summer

and the winter that waits

where he will stay indoors

in warmth and a dull glow

that wakes again,

each time

more tired than the


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