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A letter to you

Dear dear, Only in tragedy do I write to you. I could bemoan this fact due to its consequently happy infrequency or perhaps to the very reverse where this means that there is still too much, too fluid perforating sadness, but I cannot. On this day, on this complete failure of the world I had … Continue reading

a little a

i am afraid you will see me unafraid of you * i fear you fear fearless me * if only you saw me as i see me you’d see how i wish to remain unseen * beautiful things like the mona lisa are cracked and wearing like you * i am horrified by the possibility … Continue reading

where where went

fear the human who doesn’t want a job fear the mother who doesn’t have children fear the money that has no end fear the need to fear fear the the millions of people who do not fear but live for the money or the children or job which they start describing as what they do … Continue reading