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b, or g, or d – rain

it happened a microwave nuked the leftovers a computer estimated the best route to an empty home a burrito-shaped man rolled into a used-to-be-fitted suit announced that robots had been made that can do it all that humans could do but better   people clapped and then they stopped for a robot (it could be … Continue reading


once all has gone wrong at least all that is left is to go on * i have a forget me knot around my neck though breath brings me back to the remembrance of now * the best thing to do for the future is to leave the present with nothing better * all is … Continue reading

sun setting

yesterday was the day to plan the future but it was hurting beauty bleeding blue into a sky scabbed with clouds one that has seen too much red balanced on razor horizons where things always look brighter like tomorrow which may be just as suitable to catalogue a life into segments of sleep wake sleep … Continue reading

july always

that great june light that throats summer into a call of plants gobbling and bugs that coo only for a ravenous month and mouth that’ll ruin the harvest in fall but now rests among the wave of yellow that sees me aiming for another planet with my piss drunk and hollering that i’ll water the … Continue reading

the future prime minister

i am not worried for the future for there will be a time when things are so bad and depraved that the poor will have no more to eat than the rich my only worry is that when it happens there will be little meat and too much fat for sustenance * inspired by Zoe … Continue reading


she told me my future saying she couldn’t see herself in it or me which i tried to reply to but it was time to see the next customer before the smoke suffocated * there is nothing more than nothing more when anything seems like less * the most rebellious act you could do is … Continue reading

in the future there will be less of me

it is a pain not feeling much of anything but still not being still and without the pain of it is * i would tell you my opinion about politics but i’m told that this wouldn’t be very political * i am looking for the line that makes me stop looking and finally looks back … Continue reading

how to burn wood

cut down all the trees and say finally there is room to breathe   hide in the darkness and say now you can see   sleep all day and say you’ve done too much now   empty your heart and say you didn’t expect to bleed so much   follow and say you feel bad … Continue reading

blue, the recessive gene

i wonder if the last future seer saw that there would be no future for her profession and if she told anyone or convinced herself that it was the machine or last night’s sleep or just maybe she was wrong this time * today followed from all the other todays is leading to the today … Continue reading

The dark future

The world is too young to have this many old around who say that this is the way the world works while I’m here a martyr of laziness slipping around with one sock and mustard stains and an airplane strip for a forehead and a child’s Halloween bag for a stomach trying to do very … Continue reading