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all of all

i am told i must remember that this is better than what was then but i am eight and running with my dog who later died to an echo of my grandma saying that heaven held no humans only lost pets waiting for pats like sunsets glowing at themselves in a mirror spent on years … Continue reading

how to burn wood

cut down all the trees and say finally there is room to breathe   hide in the darkness and say now you can see   sleep all day and say you’ve done too much now   empty your heart and say you didn’t expect to bleed so much   follow and say you feel bad … Continue reading


my mother gave birth to me on all fours sweating out pain and bleeding daylight that brought news from outside earth the always vacuous and never friendly coughs of breath gone and mistaken spent asking for someone to end her before this does while she leaks and i form into a solid that takes up … Continue reading