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a diamond

Haven’t all the sonnets been written yet? There’s a game on, I’m told. The Blue Jays are flapping off the branches of old syrup-dried trees while the enfolding flowers are dying outside. I am inside now, shivering and cold and wondering if there is mold in the wooden room, whether it points to the North, … Continue reading

and other poems

am i a happy kid of some past generation or a sad adult in this passing one * i have known myself and how unknown i am * i cannot help but feel that i am helpless and denying some full potential that tells me that i can do it all including denying me all … Continue reading


stretch marks like a lazy river across your smile while inside your mouth there is darkness always * but you feel that no one feels that like you feel until you find a little book with all your words full and bleeding wet yet still burning with fire * i am the grand son of … Continue reading

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i sometimes think of my childhood friends as grown as i and i wonder if they wonder if they’re happy or if i am and i realize that if they are smiling those toothless-turned-braces-turned-bit-lip-red smiles that makes me smile too and if they aren’t in some way perhaps because of those same teeth that didn’t … Continue reading