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a happiness checklist

did you eat vegetables sleep on a good mattress remind yourself on nights like this that she is not coming back did you move to music you don’t know go to the beach three times in the summer sit under hungry waves where it is most dangerous then swim above where others have not did … Continue reading

omega 3 supplements

this is the taste of death but i cannot be hurt with the years that have gone since you have spending years trying to not be you which is such a you thing to do yawning years slugged into unconcern quiet as a growing flower will when the forest comes in vengeance of all the life … Continue reading

today forever

happiness may be impossible but we must risk it if we are to survive in the goodness of this world that is often bad and burning * the universe is forever but today, with you, is not and that’s as special as it can get for today is as close to forever as we’ll be … Continue reading