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Spaghetti knots

omega 3 supplements

this is the taste of death

but i cannot be hurt

with the years that have gone since you have

spending years trying to not be you

which is such a you thing to do

yawning years slugged into unconcern quiet

as a growing flower will when the forest comes

in vengeance of all the life that could’ve been held

like i am to you now

deep into this

breathing dogs

loving dogs

dogs sprawled in sunlit floor promising to always

be there

by letting go of the territory

they cannot control

though there is piss and death and barely anything else

besides you again

with me again

round the city where they will say

that i wrote too much about nothing at all

but did they see how you looked at me

did they break the law with you

did they see that i couldn’t always see you

slipping now

like the morning dew drenched in a warm sun

until those same dogs come

tired from a night of dreams

they cannot explain

or tell anyone about

dreams of you

when you needed saving


through them

though then

the cancer of the bones



because of the life

the past

the food

like you

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