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ash wood

i am often no more but in between i spit life like a tree born from blood which will learn to claw into the sky for hungry breathless mouthfuls of growth that take away space with shadows that kill blindly and once old and forgotten by love’s initials will want to be cut down though … Continue reading


we didn’t get the chance to get we though i hope now gotten and done you find less gambles * i wish none of you were sad though i suppose then i would be sad for who would i write to and what happiness would i know having nothing more to wish for * this … Continue reading

where the tree grows

i am afraid i’ll never do it that i’ll slip into mediocrity where even among the mediocre i’ll be considered in whispers as only okay that i’ll grow up gasping little lives maybe producing one or two myself who will shadow upwards like me who remained unfortunately ungrown   i am afraid i’ll never do … Continue reading

the small, sloppy life of i

don’t they know them sitting there laughing and kissing and smiling against the sun slipping into the comic strip of the subway windows that i am the protagonist in this tale of i   don’t they know i am a poem smoking and drinking that does not break but is nonetheless free   don’t they … Continue reading

he r eh

i will never get used to being used by you and that favourite lie you said on your back looking up at me making me mull over whether i was the lost lonely cloud or you were that you weren’t lying * one day i will be all you wanted before you found those bits … Continue reading

something something something something

the following aren’t much and that’s why they are too much to follow. * i have spent my life looking for more than my life and what i have spent * i am nothing but like a beached whale i still try to wiggle my legs that are useless and inside sucked up into the … Continue reading

thinking thoughts

i wish to substitute sex with writing for the pen is rudimentary and has been known to fail to create characters in its splatters and the rush of a climax that satisfies only one usually and sometimes even then did you like it because i only do if you did the do too but there’s too … Continue reading