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reverse birth

i killed my first patient. she was young, dressed by light, poked by the first grey hairs that waved like the slippery sign of spring crushing the ice of an ancient lake. she wore a warm orange sweater. her nails were painted blue. and she was going to die. i greeted her, took her history. she smiled throughout. said … Continue reading

dab bad

the following is ruinous and rattles stars to look away and perhaps that dread is exactly the point of continuing. * the man dressed and with a cane found me in a forest and told me i needed to make something of myself for i was wasting potential there naked and homeless and i said … Continue reading

an equestrian riding a dog

only once it dries do fish notice water * organs sing a note of health and reorganization of my body towards it without me remembering that there is no better job at reshuffling than cancer * i imagine the first time someone said hello the receiver felt just as sad to have to invent a way … Continue reading

apollo mission to mcdonalds

cancer is beautiful for it doesn’t discriminate us rotting humans who denigrate and discriminate those who rot with beautiful cancer * every poem is a wet willy resuscitation of childhood that fails for no child would write in poems but instead with their fingers in their ears for there they know themselves and the rest … Continue reading