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a conversation

Dear you, Yesterday it was our anniversary. This morning we spoke on the phone. There is a mess of you everywhere inside of me. With striking clarity I remember the fireworks that blew up the sky above us, the sky that for at least that night, that moment belonged to us – only us. But … Continue reading


the following aren’t very good, which makes me feel better. * they always leave but the way they left never goes away * heartbreak must be hereditary for i never knew my father and my mother says it would break my heart to know why * i have seen splayed organs from a suicide victim … Continue reading

go on goon

love, broken but hearty hoping for fill * i am not devastated for i feel as though i can still grab your hand though the lack of it feeling i has led to devastation of what i am not * how is it that that which gave the world warmth doesn’t burn it all down … Continue reading

you got fight in your heart, kid

my heart is the size of a fist that resists opening up to hold your hand   it needs to fight for there is only a little gate of white picketed fences to protect it from other hearts that punch harder and could break a rib or worse a man * what’s the matter is … Continue reading