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Dear the Hiring Committee of Poets & Writers, My application began twelve years ago. I was twelve and he was thirty three and we were in love. I apologize for beginning with the smatterings of pedophilia and without introducing myself in the usual professionalism and pleasantries fitting for someone who is pleasant and fit and … Continue reading


i have unravelled into adulthood as a spool of knots like how i shouldn’t eat sweets before dinner though there is currently none in my smiling fridge that will one day need to be cleaned after years of neglect and drinks spilling onto the cold lifeless white if only to offer a colour or maybe … Continue reading

generation y not

The following was published in The Silhouette, September 19, 2013, when I believed in believing. * The first time I tried to join the humdrum of the work force was in grade 12. After two months of disapproving glances in McDonalds while donning a suit and tie, handing resumes to anyone who would read them, … Continue reading