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there is a poem written that will make it so no more poetry will be written   this is not it though it starving and short makes me want to stop writing * love give me a chance for chance gave us love in between all those people who we could’ve met we met we … Continue reading

sunny with rain inside

we are here to produce babies of art that make us hear ourselves in our work * the worst thing that humans have made are more humans who do worse things * i keep producing poems for you keep poetry productive * against the backdrop of infinity sometimes i don’t know is the best we … Continue reading

welled worth

took me 25 years to learn how to speak well another 50 to write better and 75 to realize that no one gives a damn what is said * damned if i do damned if i don’t damned if i do i and damn if i don’t which is something i would do in my … Continue reading

hide and seek but never be found

i trust the universe even though it lied to me that i could go back to the beginning and find myself there * father a drinker mother a pourer me a not-me as i am always farther than my mouther self can be from home * racial privilege is when white out means rewriting and … Continue reading

after ever

the pages are always blank even when there is there   it is never finished for to finish would be to admit that it does not go on and every story always does * there is only one story ever told: nothing is never happening * mean as it is writing is meant to make … Continue reading


i thought i could fix this but i was crazy the missing nut a part * drunks and the maimed require other limbs to bring them home and healthy * we will collapse soon like a star onto itself white to black hands folding onto hands mouths onto mouths where no light can escape * … Continue reading

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i sometimes think of my childhood friends as grown as i and i wonder if they wonder if they’re happy or if i am and i realize that if they are smiling those toothless-turned-braces-turned-bit-lip-red smiles that makes me smile too and if they aren’t in some way perhaps because of those same teeth that didn’t … Continue reading

2000 foot dive

my eyes always look wrong for they are not inside my head seeing why i eye i with the sounds of pain or surprise i’m not quite ready for for i was gazing at something else instead of where i was walking * the shadow knows no body but look how whole it is * … Continue reading

a smart god created stupidity

if there is anything i learned it is to question answers and to relearn if there is anything * it took a billion years for people to think that the world is only a few thousand years   how wonderful to be so rocky still * eating my words with a tongue that slides a … Continue reading

beauticians for bugs

to become the butterfly the caterpillar must hide and crack have its insides spill out and become totally liquid unstable and unmanageable   for one who doesn’t know growth the dance looks like destruction and the butterfly must appear as an angel of death rising from its coffin * the loudest sound comes just before … Continue reading