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lit till ill

be calm   it took a universe to cook you   it will take a while to come to comfort and rest with being and how much unbeing it takes to have been and yet still be *   the last word i will write will still linger for more of you   *   … Continue reading

a kiss’s pocket

she was reincarnated for five minutes after spending too long not being but still being impatient with being made to wait then after the separation of of and off ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff – she became a hot pocket in the hand of a thirteen year old telling her friends how hot pockets were the best which made … Continue reading

Eyes opened, lips closed

Days double in youth and half when old and now I’m in between the constancy of then and then, a scatter of twenty odd years doing a scatter of twenty odd things for a scattering of twenty odd reasons, hoping for days to stop altogether so I can rest or live and not be afraid … Continue reading