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i was never quite beautiful which was the best thing that happened to me for i could find the neglected beauty in everything else like a tangerine peeled into an accidental love of a woman i knew years ago or the rain that muddied the city and my shoes i just purchased but that held … Continue reading


she told me my future saying she couldn’t see herself in it or me which i tried to reply to but it was time to see the next customer before the smoke suffocated * there is nothing more than nothing more when anything seems like less * the most rebellious act you could do is … Continue reading

light swallowed

to go on on to go one must realize one isn’t one but many together and tied trying to do the best for the them in themselves * darkness is the loneliness of others projected   and light is the projection of love * what does it say when an old lover who has seen … Continue reading

awarding punishment

on ward going no where with the bars singing like tuning forks though i am not hungry and tone deaf listening to the steady step of feet outside always outside even in these walls there is an outside where we need not sling sunshine and good nights but can sit for days unmoving out of … Continue reading