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i am trying to define loneliness for you but you wouldn’t understand which is exactly it * i have been able to avoid being alone by avoiding i and what i have been * there is little like loneliness which is perhaps why there is little loneliness except for in poetry where each line is … Continue reading

light swallowed

to go on on to go one must realize one isn’t one but many together and tied trying to do the best for the them in themselves * darkness is the loneliness of others projected   and light is the projection of love * what does it say when an old lover who has seen … Continue reading

pre-cambrian post-apocalypse

meteors will collide safety pins will poke relationships will fail and before and after the small, hand-worn apocalypses that make you let go and make dinosaurs extinct you’ll only ever find you finding you and inside a hope that you are enough for you for everyone else has died from the meteors or the pins … Continue reading

afterwards, afterwords

where are you when you are where you aren’t you which includes here in my arms as you tell me you haven’t felt like yourself for a long time like a tree with hard bark that is hollow inside a good home a dead being with dying beings inside * like a snake slurping on … Continue reading

The migrating shade

Drowning is just another way of breathing when you are where I am like the desert shade of my own body that can only protect one arm from getting burned when it is my head that gets the worst of all and my brain soon boils but at least it’s a cooled liquid compared to me … Continue reading