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Spaghetti knots

pre-cambrian post-apocalypse

meteors will collide

safety pins will poke

relationships will fail

and before and after

the small, hand-worn

apocalypses that

make you let go

and make dinosaurs extinct

you’ll only ever find

you finding you

and inside

a hope that you

are enough for you

for everyone else

has died

from the meteors

or the pins

or the relationships

which often involve


depending on how fast

you jab


there are pieces of a kid

lost in the pieces of an adult

who is starting to wonder

what’s the point

of just losing more pieces

until there’s only the

rest of the pieces

buried like a dog bone

bought from a convenience store

to save a buck and

surprise a pet who

doesn’t know any better

but is just happy to chew away

on plastic that

will wear eventually


relationships are

mass extinction events

where you need to

need to less

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2 thoughts on “pre-cambrian post-apocalypse

  1. This is beautiful!

    Posted by LilyAnne Rice | December 2, 2015, 6:47 pm

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