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microwave pasta poisons the birds

it is not love that will get rid of that feeling of lack of love it is not pain that will absolve numbness it is not what it is that makes is it and it is not not that makes you come to know no but instead it is you there waiting for something that … Continue reading

uh, lone

i know the loneliest sentence   that after all of it i no longer think about you though you gave me it after all of that   i know the loneliest sentence   where among the prison of others there is little to be barred from except the heads that match heartache to the hands … Continue reading

similar to slime

i’ve been trying to make it so that i can make it alright for others who want the same and will learn when they are here and sludge that it is not so great to be similar to slime and to have it made for what is left besides others who wonder what it’s like … Continue reading

Wrecked, ruined you

Today is the day that will lead to no more todays tomorrow because everything is so wrecked and ruined and you’re already late to work and your boss will show you how much more wrecked and ruined things can get which makes you want to get wrecked and ruined till you’re a wreck and a … Continue reading

A loner who’s not alone

If only there were classes on how to be lonely, classes where we’d sit by ourselves in a room with a small desk that only one elbow can rest on and a chair that teeters on one leg and where we cannot see the walls, only the frame of a ceiling with single lights dangling … Continue reading