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A pier

You and him, Marriage wastes. I have seen the fumbling fall of my grandparents, the way that has been years since they have really spoken to each other, how their hands forget what it means to be held, though the wrinkles keep the memories of worn adoration. I have watched my parents tussle over divorce … Continue reading

where’s where

the following is a little bit of too much. * we were lovers now we are only we were * i didn’t want to let you go * i belong to me only but how i long to be with you only * i want to see more of me looking for me but i … Continue reading

wearing sins like earings

the crucifix is a disappointing sapling with us for its fruits fleshed like pears stripped like oranges rotten like apples with worms to the core * she pulls the rope to bring herself out of the water and the possibility of sharks lifting the knot around my neck high enough for me to swell with … Continue reading

Nuptial nibble

Dear dear and dearest, I do not know much about marriage, but I do know a bit about love. In fact, love is the reason I have the honour of writing to the both of you on the most special of days. I have fallen for a girl and she has fallen for you two in quite … Continue reading