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Dear dear and dearest,

I do not know much about marriage, but I do know a bit about love. In fact, love is the reason I have the honour of writing to the both of you on the most special of days. I have fallen for a girl and she has fallen for you two in quite a different way.

I can see why. Independently, you two are strong, thoughtful, caring individuals. You are persistent. You are kind. But when together you are all these things and more. You are dear and dearest, and look how much that means already.

In the coming days, people will give you advice, they will wish you good tidings, and this will be all good and fine. Married, divorced, and single people all probably agree that hardest thing about marriage is being married.

But don’t listen to any of the advice, mine included. No one can know the full nuances and idiosyncrasies of the relationship. No one can know what it means to feel as both of you do.

Yet I do hope that as time goes on and you to fall more deeply in love with each other, as you age together and grow together and fail and succeed alike together, that I can get to know the two of you better.


Because I look forward to learning about marriage from you two. I look forward to seeing the happiness you bring to each other. And I look forward to coming over, seeing all the books and art and little, stray strings from projects not yet finished, and smiling, knowing that on a day where the sky is a freeze-dried powder and the sun climbs over the buildings as it did centuries before, I was able to see love in its entirety.

I wish you all the best and know that the best need not be wished for. It is happening today.


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